Russian Individuals & Entities Sanctioned by the US (i)

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This database includes Russian companies and individuals who have been sanctioned by the Government of the United States and suggested for sanctions under existing designations.

The database was developed by the Free Russia Foundation as a public service to support educational, advocacy, and community initiatives. It is not intended for use as a sanction-enforcement, law enforcement, or legal compliance tool. The database does not suggest or imply that individuals listed have engaged in illegal or improper conduct. Some individuals and entities may have the same or similar names, so we recommend that you confirm their identities based on addresses or other identifiable information.

The database integrates information from preexisting isolated sources and datasets to map out the US sanctions targeting Russian entities and individuals. This includes the Consolidated Screening List from, the Russian Customs Database acquired and validated by FRF, and FRF analysis of official statements and announcements by the US Government.

Some information may change over time. If you find an error in the database, please contact us.

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