Russian Individuals & Entities Sanctioned by the US (i)

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Nova Technologies


Novie Technologies
Nova SPB
New Technology
Nova Technologies Co. Ltd.
Novyye Tekhnologii LLC


25 Red Cadets Street Letter H, Office Block 2, 99034, St. Petersburg, RU
130-17 Nevskiy Ave., 191036, Saint Petersburg, RU
16 Linia V.O., 7 Office 43, 99034, St. Petersburg, RU
Krestovski River Quay 3, Suite 42, 197376, St. Petersburg, RU

Federal register notice: 77 FR 61249 No. 195
License Policy: Presumption of denial.
License_requirement: For all items subject to the EAR. (See ยง744.11 of the EAR).

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