Russian Individuals & Entities Sanctioned by the US (i)

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FAU ?Glavgosekspertiza Rossii?


Federal Autonomous Institution ?Main Directorate of State Examination?
General Board of State Expert Review


Furkasovskiy Lane, building 6, 101000, Moscow, RU
See alternate address under Crimea region of Ukraine
Federal register notice: 81 FR 61595; 82 FR 2883
License Policy: Presumption of denial.
License_requirement: For all items subject to the EAR (See ยง744.11 of the EAR), apart from items that are related to transactions that are authorized by the Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control pursuant to General License No. 11 of December 20, 2016. Russia does not include the "Crimea region of Ukraine," as that term is defined in section 8(d) of E.O. 13685.

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