Russian Individuals & Entities Sanctioned by the US (i)

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Avcom Group
Avcom-Technique Ltd
OOO Avkom Tekhnik


Airport Ramenskoe (Zhukovsky), Narkomvod Street 7, RU
Moscow Region, Zhukovsky City, Narkomvod Street, 7, RU
Room 5, 95B Kashirskoe Highway, Domodedovo, Moscow Region, 142004, RU
Pom. 5, D. 95B, Kashirskoe Shosse, Domodedovo, Moskovskaya Region, 142004, RU

Federal register notice: 87 FR 38925
License Policy: Case-by-case review.
License_requirement: For all items subject to the EAR (See ยง 744.11 of the EAR)

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